LA Rhythmic Gymnastics Private Classes
LA Rhythmic Gymnastics Private Classes


Our Pre-School Program is for girls ages 4-5 and is an introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics. This class provides a creative and fun environment for girls to learn basic body movements, stretching techniques, and basic apparatus handling using balls, ribbons, hoops and scarves. This class is designed to develop coordination, flexibility and balance in a playful setting.


In addition, the girls will learn unique dance gymnastic compositions with and without objects so they could permorm and impress everyone at some family or school events, children's parties, etc. These special compositions were composed by Natalia Shepelyansky personally.

Course Pricing

1 hour of practice (1 student)

$60 per person

1 hour of practice (2 students)

$40 per person

We've included the photo gallery below to give you an impression of our Pre-School Program:

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Private Lessons Are All About You!

This is where you will focus on the details be it developing more flexibility, strength or perhaps increasing the level of your apparatus and body technique or often having your new routines choreographed or refined.



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