LA Rhythmic Gymnastics Private Classes
LA Rhythmic Gymnastics Private Classes


Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy offers additional services along with our regular classes. For more information, please read on below or contact us with your request.



Private Lessons

If your kid would like to learn a form of dance in private, high-intensity sessions, our dance instructors are available for private classes on demand. Please contact us for pricing and other details.

Dance and Sport Compositions

We offer you to learn Dance and Sport Compositions for any kind of events, special occasions or competitions.


We have composed original & unique combinations both for groups and individuals.

Where to Find the Academy

Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy





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Private Lessons Are All About You!

This is where you will focus on the details be it developing more flexibility, strength or perhaps increasing the level of your apparatus and body technique or often having your new routines choreographed or refined.



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Special program for girls ages 4+!

All Programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Master Degrees from Russia.


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