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If your child enjoys playing with a ball or dancing with a ribbon, she will most likely like Rhythmic Gymnastics, the wonderful Olympic Sport.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of dance, ballet, expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics. A child will learn how to work with a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, and clubs. Our program offers the best all-around physical education compliment to any young child's physique and development. Our rhythmic gymnastics recreational program includes semi-annual perfomances, self-esteem and public perfomance building skills that will last a lifetime!

Progressive General Gymnastics


This program has been developed by professional coaches at all levels to provide a safe and solid foundation from which to progress in any kind of sport or in any other physical activity like dance or ballet. Your child will build her/his strength, coordination, and self-esteem.


Rhythmic Pearls Gymnastics Academy has programs for everyone, regardless of previous experience or age. Have a look at our courses and feel free to ask me for a recommendation.


Dancing is, by and large, a social activity. With that in mind we host regular events, parties and other occasions to meet and mingle with like-minded dance enthusiasts.

Where to Find the Academy

Rhythmic Pearls Gymnastics Academy


15054 Keswick St, Van Nuys, CA, 91405





(818) 668-4832





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Academy Hours

Our Academy is open during the following hours:



Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00pm-8:00pm


Tuesday, Thirsday





Academy News

Special program for girls ages 4+!

All Programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Master Degrees from Russia.


We are located right next to Valerio Street Elementary School & Robert Fulton College Preparatory School


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