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LA Rhythmic Gymnastics Private Classes

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Our classes are for children and adults of different ages and sports training level in rhythmic gymnastics. Also, it is perfect for dancers and people involved in various sports, where stretching, flexibility, strength, coordination and expressiveness of movements is necessary.

For all age groups, we compose short dance compositions which have elements of plastics and acrobatics. This would be enough to impress someone and perform in front of the family, friends, at school, or any other social events.



Join Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy founder Natalia Shepelyansky for beginner or advanced classes. Practice and improve your moves with a professional coach. 

Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes we offer, or download our weekly schedule. You can also call (818) 235-9983 to speak with one of our dance instructors or contact us to sign up.


Our Pre-School Program is for girls ages 4-5 and is an introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics. This class provides a creative and fun environment for girls to learn basic body movements, stretching techniques, and basic apparatus handling using balls, ribbons, hoops and scarves. This class is designed to develop coordination, flexibility and balance in a playful setting.


Our Recreational Program is open to girls ages 6 and up, and is for the beginner athlete, or for girls who may not be interested in a competitive environment. Instruction includes basic techniques of Rhythmic Gymnastics, combining stretching, body conditioning, creative movement and dance, while learning basic apparatus skills including hoops, balls, ribbons and ropes.


The Competitive Program is geared towards more experienced athletes, includes more strenuous workouts and rigorous instruction in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Our traveling team will participate in local, regional and national competitions.

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Private Lessons Are All About You!

This is where you will focus on the details be it developing more flexibility, strength or perhaps increasing the level of your apparatus and body technique or often having your new routines choreographed or refined.



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Special program for girls ages 4+!

All Programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Master Degrees from Russia.


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